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Brothers Guidance

Led By

Imam Mohamed Mabrouk

Mohamed Mabrouk memorized the Quran at the age of 14 with the guidance of Sheikh Hanif Seedat. He continued his studies at Jamiah Al Uloom Al Islamiyah, where he studied Seerah, Tafseer, Aqeeda, and the Hanafi Fiqh for 6 years. Upon graduating, he attained an Ijazah in Quran and Hadith from Sheikh Gufranullah Shah. Mohamed Mabrouk has served as an Imam for over a decade and continues to serve the Muslim community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower and spiritually enrich Muslim brothers in the greater Sacramento area, facilitating a profound reconnection to their faith. We aim to create a vibrant community where every brother feels welcomed and supported, and where they can actively engage with the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah while forging enduring bonds of brotherhood. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate an environment where every brother experiences significant spiritual growth and a deepened connection to the deen.

Our Mission

The mission of the Al-Misbaah Brothers Guidance department is to provide a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters a deep connection to faith for Muslim brothers within the greater Sacramento community. Grounded in the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah, we are committed to nurturing personal growth, character development, and the pursuit of knowledge, while fostering strong bonds of brotherhood. Our primary objective is to establish a sacred space where brothers can embark on a transformative journey, engaging directly with Islamic teachings and building meaningful relationships with fellow brothers.

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Weekly Programs

Hadith Qudsi Course:

Explore the spoken word of Allah ﷻ outside of the Quran.

Seerah Class: 

Delve into the in-depth life of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ .

Tazkiyah Class:

Purify your soul and enhance your spiritual growth.

BBQ Nights:

Enjoy free food and engaging activities every Friday night, followed by a brief reminder and knowledge sharing session.

Soccer Nights:

Gather with brothers every Saturday night for friendly soccer matches.

Sporting events

Soccer Tournaments:

Three tournaments annually, indoor and outdoor.

Basketball Tournaments:

Two tournaments per year.

Lifting Tournament:

Annual competition for weightlifting enthusiasts.

Wrestling Tournament:

Annual event for wrestling enthusiasts.

Hiking & Camping:

Regular outings for outdoor enthusiasts.


Access a comfortable space for workouts & physical fitness activities.



Join our annual brothers-only retreat for bonding and spiritual growth


Join us on Umrah trips in collaboration with ISRA foundation.

Community Outreach

Food Distributions:

Bi-monthly distribution of food to those in need.

Cemetery Cleaning:

Regular clean-up sessions at local cemeteries.


Email Imam Mohamed Mabrouk at