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Brothers Guidance

The Brothers Spiritual Guidance program is led by Sheikh Yasir Khan, who founded Al-Misbaah after completing his madrassah education in South Africa. Alongside the work of other brothers, Sheikh Yasir has established a complete program for brothers in the Sacramento area, including regular Islamic classes, brothers’ gym sessions, biweekly get-togethers, community socials, youth soccer tournaments and other activities in collaboration with MSAs, local masjids and other organizations.

As the religious director of Al-Misbaah, Sheikh Yasir works to provide mentorship, guidance, coaching, and education for men in the Muslim community, ensuring that our brothers are provided with an outstanding religious education and that their needs are not neglected. Alongside everyone at al-Misbaah, Sheikh Yasir aims to empower the Muslim community in Sacramento by building an environment of trust, professionalism and ultimately creating leaders that will seek to serve and grow other communities in turn.

Through these programs, the aim is to instil a set of values across everybody involved with the organization, creating an open environment to allow people with a wide range of passions to address their individual and collective spiritual needs. In order to do this, Sheikh Yasir and the Al-Misbaah team are consistently developing and expanding these programs, involving qualified scholars in the Sacramento area and beyond, and connecting brothers to each in meaningful and productive ways to increase their iman and spiritual education.

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