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Al-Misbaah Community Resource Center

Al-Misbaah’s Community Resource Center (ACRC) is the bridge between donors and the under-privileged of our community. The mission of the ACRC is to take in (Zakat eligible) donations and distribute it throughout the community where needed so that we may improve the living situation of our community members, including but not limited to Refugees.

 Led by our Resource Director, Sr. Helena Madera-Silmi, along with her team Jaafar Wahidi & Samra Jameel, along with our additional amazing staff and volunteers. 4200+ families have been served!

Typical donations include the following; furniture, kitchenware, clothes, kids toys etc.

 Al-Misbaah offers a donation pick up service for items that cannot be dropped off, with the help of our fleet of trucks. All other donations can be dropped off at our warehouse. Please email us at to request a donation pick up.

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