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Youth Activities

to create an enjoyable, accessible, and accepting environment for young Muslims of different levels of faith.

Brother's guidance


such as our indoor and outdoor Soccer Tournaments
which host up to 150 players


in collaboration with various masajid throughout the
Sacramento area

Annual Spirit Retreats

which include trips to Texas to seek knowledge
and guidance from the ulama; and also spiritual conventions, which most recently were held in Los Angeles

Religious conferences

We invite scholars speak about relevant topics to young muslims.

Friday night gym and hangouts

Socializing in a halal environment via BBQ's, lifting weights, and more.

saturday night soccer

Indoor soccer for young men 16+.


Sunday after Fajr At Masjid Annur


Social hangouts at coffee shops around the area for young professionals to create brotherhood.


Therapy, career advice, youth issues.

Quran Circle

Online Surah Kahf Reading by young Hufath.

Want to reach out & learn more?

Email Brother Mohamed Mabrouk at

Sisters guidance

Lecture series

Classes for sisters with resident scholar teaching out of a selected book.

Mind, Coffee, soul

Social hangout at coffee shops around the area for young female professionals to create sisterhood.

Fitness Classes

Fitnesses classes for sisters with spiritual reminder.

Lifestyle coaching

for young Muslims, providing help for studies,
relationships, family issues and anything else of concern

Outdoor events

Ski trips, hiking, sports and more.

MSA Collaborations

Talks for MSAs all over the greater Sacramento area.

Want to reach out & learn more?

Email Shaykha Jannah Sultan at