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Junior Lanterns

Illuminating the Path for Our Youth

Our Mission

At Al-Misbaah, we believe in the power of nurturing our youth's minds, bodies, and spirits through a diverse array of engaging activities. Our programs are tailored for maktab students in Sacramento, aiming to provide an Islamic educational and recreational experience.

Our Programs

Daily PE Classes:

Designed to keep our youth active, healthy, and energized. Our curriculum is specially crafted for maktab students, ensuring a fun and fulfilling workout in an Islamic environment.

Weekend Adventures:

From striking down pins in bowling alleys to the strategic plays of laser tag and paintball, there's never a dull moment with the Junior Lanterns. We strive to create weekend outings to help foster the ties of friendship amongst our youth in a spiritually connecting way.

Camping Trips:

We take the youth out to experience the beauty of Allah ﷻ creation in nature. These trips help create an Islamic environment filled with remembrance of Allah, service to others and time away from distractions.

Weekly STEM Programs:

Hosted at various locations, these sessions spark curiosity and foster a love for learning and innovation. Our kids get to dive into the fascinating world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics with our engaging STEM programs.

Competitive Soccer:

Our boys aged 14 and under compete in a soccer league where we just won first place.

Bi-weekly Sports Club:

We offer a bi-weekly sports club, with a variety of sports activities across different locations in Sacramento.

Youth Qiyams:

We offer youth qiyams held at different masjids. These blessed gatherings are a time for reflection, prayer, and community bonding.


Our youth volunteering program is a meaningful way to give back to the community and have them learn the value of service.

Monthly Talks:

Our monthly get-togethers featuring Scholars & guest speakers who share valuable insights, experiences, and guidance to motivate and guide our youth.

Collaborations for Afghan Youth:

In collaboration with other organizations, we create memorable opportunities for newly arrived Afghan youth refugees, helping them integrate, connect, and thrive in their new environment.

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Led By

Coach Omar Silmi

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