Ramadan Appeal

Here are a few of the services we’ve been able to provide with your support over the last year.

Launched a free online Islamic Studies program for K-12. 150-200 students participated.

Conducted food collection drives at Masajid to allow us to serve families in need with food.

Served over 10,000 food packages out to families in need.

Established operations at our new Modesto office and been serving on average 200 families a month in the Turlock/Modesto area.

Collected and discharged $14,000+ of Zakatul Fitr/Sadawatul Fitr on time to 140+ families.

In collaboration with Islamic Relief USA and KMCA (Kerala Muslim Community association), conducted the 2020 Qurbani/Udhiyya project in which;

20+ bulls/cows were acquired and used for this project. 

Over 10,000 lb of meat. 

Served 2500 +- families.

Cities/areas covered in this project;

Sacramento, Modesto, Turlock, Fresno, Santa Clara, Richmond, Concord and Hayward.

Became the first Muslim nonprofit to become an agency with the Sacramento Foodbank. Actively started bi weekly distributions to 500 families a month.

Collaborated with River City Foodbank and conducted a massive Turkey drive at Encina high school. The Sacramento Foodbank did NOT conduct one as they usually do every year due to covid. They identified Al-Misbaah and River City Foodbank with the capacity to conduct it. For the first time in the foodbank’s history, Halal (hand slaughtered) turkeys were handed out at this drive. Making it a completely Halal drive for our Muslim clients. It was open to the public and 1500+- families (6500+ people) were served in one day.

Hosted a family and youth hikes in collaboration with Ilmscape.

Conducted a pre Ramadan drive for 2000+ families. Huge effort that took weeks and dozens of volunteers to pull off. Had local news coverage.

These are just a list of a few of or highlights over the past year that Allah ﷻ  used us to serve with all of your help and support.

Help support Al-Misbaah by donating generously in these blessed last 10 nights of Ramadan.

Our Mission

We serve Muslims in NorCal by providing guidance through essential assistance, education and recreational activities.

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