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Community education

Maktab Program

Al-Misbaah has established a Maktab program with the goal of teaching Muslim children about their religion, subsequently strengthening the next generation of believers, bi’ithnillah.

Family nights

Imam Yasir speaks on a selected topic with dinner provided once a month.

Sisters Classes

Classes related to faith based topics by Shaykha Jannah Sultan

Quran class

Quran class for ages 5-16. Tajweed, memorization and recitation are taught.

Islamic Studies

7 subjects are taught: Fiqh, Ahadith, Seerah, History, Aqa’id, Akhlaq, Adab, Masnun Dua


  • Daily Salah
  • Asr-Isha by Imam Kashif
  • Jummah at 1:30

The word “maktab” refers to the equivalent of elementary school in the Muslim world, where children learn the basics about Islam, as well as Qur’an memorization and recitation.

The immediate goals of this Maktab are to teach children about their individual Islamic obligations (fard ‘ayn); to help children incorporate this knowledge into their everyday lives, building upon their God-consciousness and piety; and to develop a stronger connection with their local masjid. Children graduating from these Makatib will have acquired a true confidence in their Islamic identity, resulting in a stronger ability to avoid being swayed by societal pressures and a healthy attitude towards the Deen.

Our goal is to establish as many of our Maktab programs in as many masajid and musallahs in Sacramento County as is possible. These Makatib will identify students for our Qur’an memorization program, becoming students of the Al-Misbaah seminary; the seminary will be available to those who would like to further their Islamic knowledge, with the aim of producing qualified ulama within the community, that will then serve the local community. In this way, we aim to provide our community with an academy of much needed scholars that will be in tune with their issues and needs.

Maktab program