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Sister's Guidance

Led by Shaykha Jannah Sultan

Our Mission

The mission of the Al-Misbaah Sisters Guidance department is to cultivate a nurturing environment that facilitates a profound reconnection to the deen (faith) for our Muslim sisters within the greater Sacramento community. Guided by the principles of the Quran and Sunnah, we are dedicated to fostering personal growth, character development, the adab (etiquette) of seeking knowledge, and the invaluable bonds of sisterhood. Our primary aim is to provide a sacred space where sisters can embark on a transformative journey, directly engaging with the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah, while building strong suhbah (sisterhood). 

Our foundation is based in the tradition of Islamic knowledge. Our educational paradigm honors and builds upon the rich tapestry of Islamic scholarship, emphasizing the importance of traditional methodologies. We believe in the value of learning from scholars who have dedicated their lives to the preservation and transmission of Islamic knowledge. Recognizing the importance of isnad (chains of transmission), our third space prioritizes teachings from scholars who can trace their educational lineage back to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). This chain of knowledge ensures the authenticity and purity of what is being conveyed.

Our Vision

Our vision is to illuminate paths towards spiritual, intellectual, and personal elevation, all while anchoring our endeavors in authentic Islamic teachings and traditions. 

We envision a community of empowered and spiritually enriched Muslim sisters within the greater Sacramento area who have embarked on a profound reconnection to their faith. One of our primary goals is to establish a sacred space that serves as a transformative hub, allowing sisters to directly engage with the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah while forging strong suhbah (sisterhood) bonds. We envision a future where every sister who walks through our doors or participates in our programs experiences a profound sense of spiritual growth and an unwavering connection to the deen.

We envision a future where our department continues to be a trusted source of guidance and enlightenment, nurturing the spiritual growth of Muslim sisters and helping them to shine as beacons of faith, knowledge, and sisterhood within the greater Sacramento community and beyond.

Shaykha Jannah Sultan

Our resident Scholar.

Our Sister's Spiritual Guidance program is led by Shaykha Jannah Sultan, a Resident Scholar at Al-Misbaah. She graduated from the Qalam Alimiyah program. Born and raised in California, Shaykha Jannah holds Bachelor's Degrees in Biology and Nutrition, with a focus on Functional Medicine, emphasizing holistic healing.

Her Islamic academic journey commenced at the renowned Jamia Binoria, where she delved into traditional Islamic Studies at the Alimiyyah level for over a decade. Her primary mentorship was under Shaykh AbdulNasir Jangda. From a very young age, she was passionate about studying the sacred Islamic sciences, but she first completed her secular education. Following this, she pursued her dream of studying the deen. Over ten years, she fully immersed herself in sacred knowledge, recognizing the privilege of accessing such education as a female.

Shaykha Jannah then undertook a rigorous 6-year Alim program, earning Ijaazahs (authorizations) in various Islamic sciences, including Tafseer, Hadith, Usool al-Hadith, and Usool al-Tafseer, among others.

She has served the community in various capacities, including youth director, Islamic Studies teacher, chaplain, resident educator, and now as the Resident Scholar and Director of Sister's Guidance for Al-Misbaah. Shaykha Jannah dedicates most of her time to serving the greater Sacramento area and travels across North America as a guest speaker.

Sisters dedicated space

Creating and building a space for our Muslim sisters to have a safe environment to learn, grow and build sisterhood

ASG Address:

2020 Hurley Way, Suite 255, Sacramento, CA 95825

Sisters Programming

Weekly Programs

  • Weekly Tafseer halaqa with Shaykha Jannah Sultan

Monthly Socials

  • Game nights, outdoor activities, sports, crafting, etc
  • Book Club - 1st Sunday of every month
  • Mind. Coffee. Soul. - 3rd Sunday of every month

Quarterly Programs

  • 5-week classes on Tazkiya, Seerah, and the Names of Allah
  • Lectures by guest scholars
  • Workshops and Intensives

Annual Programs

  • Annual Women's Conference
  • Annual Sisters Retreat

"I am constantly learning more about my deen and getting closer to Allah with every class"

"This is a home away from home"

"I have built genuine sisterhood here"

Talk to Shaykha Jannah

Schedule 30-minute sessions with Shaykha Jannah for one-on-one counseling, fiqh questions, and personal advice.