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Sister's Guidance

Our Sisters Spiritual Guidance program is led by Sheikha Jannah Sultan, who joined Al-Misbaah in 2021. Alongside the work of other sisters, Sheikha Jannah has established a complete program for sisters in the Sacramento area, including regular Islamic classes, community lectures, bimonthly sister-only workouts, biweekly Sunday coffee get togethers, socials, and other activities in collaboration with MSAs, local masjids and other organizations.

As our resident female scholar, Sheikha Jannah works to provide mentorship, guidance, coaching, and education for women in the Muslim community, ensuring that our sisters are provided with an outstanding religious education and that their needs are not neglected. The theme for the sisters this year is tazkiyah, referring to sanctification or purification of the soul; the programs this year will be heavily focused on spiritual strengthening and upliftment for the women in our community.

Sheikha Jannah provides a much-needed resource by conducting these programs where sisters can attend her sessions and connect with her and each other, creating a feedback loop that allows everyone to serve each other for the sake of Allah. Al-Misbaah aims to provide an open and welcoming environment where sisters feel more comfortable to engage with their fellow Muslimah and ask for guidance or advice where perhaps they would be less inclined to do so at their local masjid.

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Schedule 30-minute sessions with Shaykha Jannah for one-on-one counseling, fiqh questions, and personal advice.