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Our Maktab (after school youth classes) offers daily Quranic and Islamic education for Muslim youth. Our Maktab is designed to equip the young muslim with a base level of Islamic Education that will help them distinguish between right and wrong. Our Maktab aims to serve youth that are willing to learn this precious Deen primarily between the ages of 5-17.


One of our goals with the Maktab program is to ensure ALL students of ALL backgrounds have access to learning the Deen. Eligible families will have access to financial aid.

Why Should You Support?

With our headquarters being in Sacramento, we are neighbors to one of the biggest refugee populations in the United States. The general socioeconomic status of refugee families tends to be below the poverty line. This hinders the ability for well intended Muslim refugees from getting their children to learn Islam. Al-Misbaah has made it a goal to open Makatib in densely populated refugee communities. You can become a beacon of hope and light in a child's life.


Workshop Description

 Al-Misbaah hosts in-person workshops for young adults (i.e. ages 18 and older) on the first Friday of every month. These workshops are designed to promote Islamic values through the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. Further, the teachings are conducted in a nonjudgemental environment through talks and discussions led by qualified scholars.  Stay tuned on our website and social media platforms for more information about our upcoming workshops. 

Why should one attend the workshops?

Al-Misbaah’s workshops provide individuals with a valuable opportunity to learn from and engage in discussions with qualified scholars on matters impacting their daily lives. Many times, we have questions, doubts, or misunderstandings about how Islam relates to our spirituality and well-being. Having a safe space to learn and/or clarify the teachings from the Quran and Sunnah  allows us to better navigate the issues we encounter today. Please come join us for one of our workshops and see for yourself the uplifting spiritual experience participants are enjoying.