Refugee Support

2100+ families served! Read below to see the breakdown.

Al-Misbaah Community Resource Center Project

Between August 2021 and January 2022, here’s what Al-Misbaah’s Community Resource Center (ACRC) led by our Resource Director, Sr. Helena Madera-Silmi, along with her team Jaafar Wahidi, our Resource Coordinator, including our amazing staff and volunteers.

We have been able to serve the newly arriving Afghans into Sacramento and surrounding areas in the following ways;

20 Apartment Complex Distributions
40 families served at each complex minimum, totaling 800 families. Since the families arriving don’t have vehicles, we load up our trucks and transport resources such as food, clothing, cooking utensils etc to these families at the complexes they’re staying at. We’ve conducted 20 individual distribution drives at different complexes throughout Sacramento and surrounding areas.

6 Emergency Food Distributions
35 families per distribution at a minimum, totaling 210 families. Newly arriving families don’t have access to EBT and Cash benefits for about 60 days. This means they rely on Al-Misbaah to feed themselves and their children. We conducted these emergency drives at various locations after validating the need that there’s literally no food in their homes.

50 Apartment Setups
Families arrive into empty homes where they don’t have essentials like beds, clothes, hygiene products etc. We have furnished and provided items to 50 families.

185 Beds provided
People with these beds provided by Al-Misbaah are no longer sleeping on the floor.

28 Couch sets delivered
It’s easy to get access to items but the real challenge is logistics. Ensuring that there’s a need, sourcing items and making sure they’re clean and safely delivering them to these families is no easy task to say the least.

Emergency food delivered to 190 families directly to their door
What do you do when you get a call where you’re told that my family is hungry? You go to the Al-Misbaah warehouse and load up your vehicle with fresh and Halal food and deliver it to them immediately.

Also, provided food and essentials to other organizations and groups to help their refugee cases totaling 900-1200 families. This includes receiving leads from REDA, MASSF, CAIR, IRC and more. Please note that we provided food (purchased Halal chicken and other groceries) for 45 families every week between August and December 2021 to IRC.


Al-Misbaah does what is does very well, but we still have limitations and have people and families on our waiting list.

28 Families waiting for essentials they need as of January 17, 2022

135 people are sleeping on the floor that are on our waiting list for a bed

40 families are waiting for couches

This is to shed some light on what Al-Misbaah has been doing to address the current Afghan crisis. This is not including other projects of Al-Misbaah like our Food Bank program that’s open to the public where we’re serving 500-1000 families a month at Masjid Annur on a biweekly basis, our educational and youth projects and more.

If you would like to contribute to this cause or make Zakat contributions

Venmo: @Al-Misbaah